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My VNPT App is an intelligence solution for VNPT customers to use all services such as look up, manage their resources, information and bills easier.


About: Over the years of development, VNPT has launched many telecommunications products and services including: VinaPhone (Mobile Communications Service), Fixed Telephone Service (VNPT), FiberVNN (Fiber Optic Internet Service) and MyTV (Multimedia Broadcasting Service).

Problem: Previously, each product line of VNPT has built the own systems. It was difficult for millions of customers to manage and use because they must have many accounts and log in many specific apps. So, when one of the systems has operating troubles, the discontinued user experience will cause problems in manipulation, leading to customers leaving this system.

Solution: Bond offered an integrated application to gather all information and manage easily. Beside a friendly interface, users can search their transaction invoices, book calendar,… Simultaneously, the application synchronizes the customer experience into a unified system.