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MVV Mooncake

Bao bìDự ánClient: MVV Group

The special design of Media Ventures Vietnam (MVV) Moon-cake packaging was created by the combination of Vietnamese Traditional Mid-Autumn Festival’s symbols and inspiration of creative, profound and dedicated people from MVV.
Differ from usual Moon-cake packaging, MVV Moon-cake packaging is formed by simple lines and colors following MVV’s brand identity, together with cultural and rich-layers details with the purpose of inspiring customers. In this special packaging, we can capture images from many areas: from the mountain to the delta, from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh, from the rural to the urban, from fairy tales to stories on modern media…
Behind the story of a Full-moon Festival is also a message of MVV members who have been working hard, devotedly and creatively, then stand quietly behind customers’ success. The images on MVV Moon-cake packaging tell a story about a lively MVV Mid-Autumn Festival with interesting articles; appealing advertising pictures, impressive packaging, special emotion to a brand, viral stories on social media, effective technological solutions or active events. All of these are the dedication of MVV members to customers for a joyful Full-moon Festival.